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Health Coaching Your Employees To Better Health

How health coaching can support better outcomes for businesses; both for employees and financially

How health coaching can support better outcomes for businesses; both for employees and financially

We are excited to have some of our Kiteline health coaches join us for our first Health Coaching Roundtable. In this session, three of our coaches talk about the impact health coaching has not only on individual employees, but businesses as a whole.

A third of the UK workforce has a long-term health condition. Each year over 140 million sick days are taken, costing businesses £29b pounds, and a further £30k per leaver. And many long-term conditions are avertable through lifestyle changes.

Recent studies have shown that health coaching for employees delivers:

  • Better health outcomes: health coaching bridges the gap between healthcare and healthy behaviours; leading to better outcomes than wellness programmes without health coaching (1).
  • Lower costs: 141.2 million working days were lost in the UK last year due illness or injury. If you employ 500 people or more your cost for long term sick leave could be at least £620,000 per year (2).
  • Talent acquisition and retention: healthy people are happier, more productive and last longer in their careers.

Take 2 minutes and watch coaches Fran McElwaine, Marie Wright and Sabine Hope discuss how Kiteline Health coaching can create better outcomes for both individuals and businesses.

(1) Source: National Library of Medicine 2015 study (2) Source: Office for National Statistics 2018 study

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