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We hope you enjoy our recipe (full details below). Did you know that we provide a lot more than healthy diet support? Our expert health coaches and personalised content help you and your people manage health conditions and wellbeing needs, empowering the journey to better health and happier outcomes — both for them and for your business. For more information or to book a demo, get in touch with us now.

Make time for a tasty breakfast with protein and good fats

A healthy habit to start your day off right

Did you know our mood takes a direct hit when we starve ourselves of protein? Studies have shown a direct link between a deficiency in certain amino acids (found in protein-rich foods) and levels of serotonin and melatonin in the body, which stabilise our moods and promote healthy sleep. If we don’t eat enough protein, our body doesn’t have the tryptophan it needs to make serotonin, inducing anxiety, low mood and irritability. Adding more protein to your breakfast can have a transformative impact. Swap out the carb-heavy and sugary breakfast cereals and breads. For a productive start and mood-boosting goodness, give protein a try!

    Raspberry and coconut chia seed pot recipe

    Ingredients: 40g chia seeds 200ml coconut milk 1 tsp ground cinnamon 1 handful frozen raspberries 1 handful chopped walnuts Optional: 1 tsp vanilla essence Time: Overnight Servings: 1


      1. Mix the chia seeds, coconut milk and cinnamon together in a lidded jar 2. Top with the frozen raspberries 3. Put the lid on and let it set in the fridge for a few hours or preferably overnight 4. In the morning, it will take on the texture of a pudding 5. Remove from the fridge and top with the chopped walnuts 6. If you’d like more sweetness, add 1 tsp of vanilla essence

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        We connect people affected by chronic conditions to remote health coaches and personalised content, providing them with the support needed for better outcomes — both for them and for your business.

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