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Our approachCoachingWellbeing CoursesOur storyBlogContact

Our company values

Uplift & Empower

- Our goal is to make our customers feel better, not remind them of how bad they may have felt in the past. - We recognise that long-term illness brings with it positives as well as negatives – appreciating life more, being more grateful - We deliver our messages with appropriate light-hearted humour and grace

    Empathy for all

    - We feel with our customers (empathy), not sorry for them (sympathy). - We do this by listening, connecting with their feelings by putting ourselves in their shoes, acknowledging their pain, and showing them love. - We do not judge our customers, coaches, or each other: we are all equals, and no one is any better or worse than anyone else. - We are authentically vulnerable ourselves in order to be our most genuine selves, and to build bridges to others.

      Prioritise health & wellbeing

      - As a health and wellness company, we prioritise our own health & wellbeing as team members, an employer and people. - Our people work hard and to a high quality when needed, but also do what they need to manage their own wellbeing and avoid burnout. - We always communicate when we need extra support, time or space - We respect ourselves by balancing work with a healthy lifestyle. We ask ourselves what and who do we celebrate at work?

        Operate with respect

        - We practice active listening at all times. - We are honest, tolerant and inclusive. - We respect ourselves by balancing work with a healthy lifestyle.

          Earn trust with transparency

          - We are a place of information respite: everything we do or say is backed by high quality evidence and research. - We prioritise and make decisions based on what is best for both our customers and our coaches. - We communicate with our team and users in a clear and open way. - We give each other radically candid feedback and never wait to do so. - We have the courage to speak up, ask for help, and connect with others in a genuine way.

            Learn by doing

            - We are curious about new possibilities and take action to explore them. - We challenge ourselves to do things differently and measure the impact of change. - We quickly deliver the smallest unit of quality work, examine the results, and continuously improve.

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              We connect people affected by chronic conditions to remote health coaches and personalised content, providing them with the support needed for better outcomes — both for them and for your business.

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